Wlm 2012 work ?!

I have test in my localhost if WLM 2012 work but yes and no its work but when its connect there is a error but ITS WORK ON THE CMD AND ON WLM 2012 !
Edit : WLM 2012 use MSNP21 and MSNP21 is not compatible with Escargot Server


WLM 2012, and MSNP21 itself aren’t fully supported on the server yet. While Escargot should recognize the protocol and send you the initial post-authentication commands, presence hasn’t been implemented for that version. Also it doesn’t rely on switchboards anymore and uses a command specific to MSNP21 to send messages through a bridge that talks to the switchboard architecture. I assume this is to keep compatibility with older, switchboard-based clients while trying to transition. There’s also the whole multiparty system, which takes place of group chats, that hasn’t been implemented either, since it relies a lot on relay accounts the server has to create and delete per user’s request.

Oh okay its for that if is don t want to connect