Wlm 2012 image ressource


ressource image wlm 2012.zip (358.6 KB)


there are almost no resources that will interest anybody.


Well there are some people who want these icon


can’t they extact it themselfs?


i don’t know but if you can please extact the themes of wlm 2012 and send me


i don’t have a copy of WLM 2012


msgrapp.dll (74.7 KB)
msgslang.dll (259.7 KB)
psmsong.dll (67.2 KB)
app.zip (1.9 MB)
msgsres.dll (5.6 MB)
msgsres.dll (5.6 MB)
rtmpltfm.dll (5.6 MB)


the only useful download on that list is msgsres.dll, as it contains almost all of the WLM resources