WLM 2009 Patching

Just curious, is it possible to patch WLM 2009 to work with Escargot before it rolls out? If so, how do I patch it?

No, I’m afraid not. Currently the server that’s live doesn’t fully support the features WLM 2009 utilizes. Also you can’t really patch it to login at the moment anyway as our current patch doesn’t work with '09. Nothing we can do until everything’s released. :confused:

this is not good :frowning:

You are gonna have to wait until WLM 2009 rolls out to patch it.

If @valtron ever gets free time to release it.

And is not really good. How we can patch now?

When? 2021?

We don’t know yet. Hopefully its still in 2019.

@TheROFL98 Try this to get WLM 2009 working on escargot. Creating your own WLM '09 server the updated way - #5 by Marda33

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Ok. :grinning:

we will be able to patch in in 2009

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