WLM 2009 not reproducing sounds

Problem description:
Back again, i have a new pc and reinstalled WLM 2009, and i have the same problem as before, nudge, online, new message sounds are not reproducing

Error code/error message:

What has been tried so far:
everything that trekie helped me last time here

Messenger version:
2009 (14.0.8117.416)
Windows version:
10, the new version with the weather icons (too lazy to search the version)

Wow that was ages ago.

You say reinstall, out of curiosity, did you have all the sounds working before on the older PC on 2009?

And if so, are you totally sure it’s not possibly muted (run sndvol.exe from Start)?

my old machine did had wlm 2009 sounds working, but this new one does not, tried to look for solvol.exe but seems its missing on my machine

That’s version 21H1.

i have 21H1 i didn’t get the weather iconsuntil i got a windows update (which took 2 tries for it to even install). the weather icon feature (aka news and interests, oka an early version of windows 11’s windows widgets) also got backported to 20H2.

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My apologies santi, I made a typo, I meant sndvol.exe.

it shows, it even detects winks, test sounds (from opening file before assign) but still no nudge, new message or contact online sound

seems that im not able to select any other sounds from the option menu in WLM too, neither assign special sounds to contacts

Hm, is it actually saving your preferences in the UI at all though?

One big change in 2009 is that the sounds are stored in your profile’s temp folder as you select them. It would be worth checking if these are being saved. You can get to where they’re stored by opening the Run box
( Windows Key R), pasting %localappdata%\Temp\MessengerCache\Sounds and then OK. You should see a bunch of base64 encoded filenames (they’re just the WMAs). If the folder doesn’t exist or is empty, that would be a good clue that’s not working.

In normal operation Messenger should automatically recreate all this if it gets cleared out however.

its empty :frowning: so what does this means?

Good news @TReKiE i finally found the root of the problem,

Windows 10 after some version stopped including Windows Media Feature Pack, which some old programs uses a lot, i installed it and they now work, even i have the list with the new sounds that WLM 09 includes (living in remond, coffee in paris, alien, etc)

Thanks for helping me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m pleased to hear it (no pun intended), and that all makes sense since the sounds are “modern” WMAs, which require the Windows Media Player dependencies to work, and that’s what’s in the feature pack.

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