WLM 2009 MSNP18 server


Does anyone have a server emulator for MSNP18 protocol? If so i would like to have some code i could work on as i am having trouble starting my own server project. Also, if someone happens to know how i could get my hands on the checkers game that used to be on the client, i would very much appreciate it. Thanks


contact with the user @Randel_Griffin

Wouldn't it be easier to patch MSN to use different servers?

@Dan97 You have SSO msn code 2009? Randel is working on an emulator server. Currently msn 2009 does not work because of SSO authentication.


I dont have code for SSO. I have contacted Randel but he hasn’t signed on since.


Hello , Im sorry for not being online as much now and days , I have bean pretty busy with game servers and really haven’t had the time. How may i help you?


Hello Dan97, Im sorry for not being as active lately , Been so busy haha but in the mean time im hoping to pick backup on this project at some point.


I have no idea how these servers work, but I found this while searching on the web.


This seems to be some code for SSO Authentication on Messenger Protocols 15+.
This was published in 2009, so it may work for WLM 2009 if you somehow implement this into your server emulator, however I don’t know how any of this stuff works and I might be completely wrong.

I’m just trying to help at the end of the day :joy:

@Randel_Griffin @Dan97 @valtron (Valtron I tagged you because you’re good at this stuff I guess xD)