WLM 2009 icon not apear in systray

The WLM 2009 icon does not appear in the system tray in Windows 10, before MSN 8.5 appeared normally. Is it a problem only here?

for me its not working too. You can go to settings and make it appear, but i dont know how.

I did not find any configuration within WLM 2009 that would show the icon in the tray. And the tab bar isn’t showing up either.

wait i know how to fix. I search for you wait.

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It’s not a bug, this is by design per Windows 7 UI guidelines that Microsoft was following.

If you want the previous behaviour, bring up the properties for msnmsgr.exe or the shortcut, choose the Compatibility tab, and switch Messenger to be in compatibility for Vista. As Messenger will think it’s running on Vista, the notification area icon will be created.

This will also remove the Windows 7 taskbar features for Messenger, but you should be able to restore them using the WLM Taskbar Features Plus! script.

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OK SO first go to the directory of the messenger and click on compatibility mode and select vista.

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Trekie you were faster than me :frowning:

Apologies, I’ll mark yours as the solution though :slight_smile:

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Thank you @TReKiE and @Patrik_Heim too!



I really love that wlm2009 tray icon, it gives me memories the more i look at it

Uhm trekie a question. Why is the main server so slow? I cant even log in

I don’t know specifically, but I would imagine that there’s high traffic due to so many people jumping on at once. I’m sure it’ll die down again in the coming hours/days.


yeah. Its offline right now… I hope escargot’s main server database or what will be a bit stronger than this because so is the chatting very boring…

“WLM Taskbar Features requires Windows 7 or higher.”
The WLM Taskbar Features script does not work with WLM 2009 in Vista compatibility mode.

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Not even Vista SP2?

Yes, not even Vista SP2.

I forgot about that check, that is also by design :slight_smile:

But one of the advantages of doing scripting is that you can manually bypass the check with a quick modification.

To do that, close Messenger, head over to \Program Files (x86)\Messenger Plus! Live\Scripts\WLM Taskbar Features, right-click main.js and choose Edit.

You should now have Notepad open, scroll down to the
function OnEvent_Initialize(MessengerStart) function, and change the line

if (IsOnWin7OrAbove())
to if (!IsOnWin7OrAbove())
This reverses the check.

Save and exit, and then start Messenger.


Love such tricks like this so much, really helpful

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It worked! You are the best!

Everything working now. I only have a bug when opening WLM 2009 in compatibility mode that makes the Windows taskbar flash a few times and then becomes normal. But I can live with that. :grinning:

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I really don’t think it’s much of a big bug, but anyways, enjoy.