[WIP] WLM icons in Windows 10 style



Suggestions, critic, etc. is welcome.


too pixelated to be windows 10 :V


but most of Windows 10’s icons are pixel sharp


Still, I find Windows 10 icons to at least have some anti-aliasing.


I did fake anti-aliasing in the icon.


I feel like it would need an Icon per statut, such as Online, Offline, Away…

Because I can’t see what statut is that.


I’m doing the base icon where I can put a status badge on it.


Maybe I should draw the Icon in Inkscape (svg) lmao


Okay, the statut badge could be a color circle,

Offline = Grey Circle
Online = Green
Busy = Red Circle
Away = Clock




why not orange for away though


There are many ways to approach the status badge

  • modern: circle with no icon
  • classic: circle with icon
    • online: filled base icon
    • offline: outline base icon


Trying to Respect the original statut badges


I’m for making multiple sets/variations of the icons.


So after fiddling in Inkscape (no tutorials required, that’s how good it is lol), I got this:

What do you think, let me know.


damn getting the filled version right is hard. :stuck_out_tongue:


(view in browser for pixel perfect view)

this is what I have now