Wink help! Eat Your Entertainment/Competition

Hello everyone! I would like to get the wink named Eat Your Entertainment/Competition in it’s MCO, or swf and png/jpg file. We are searching for it for a long time and the results are 0. It looks like the one on the picture. Thank you if you can help me! Have a nice day.
Yours Sincerelly, Steve


I have this wink and its my favorite! But I cant use again :frowning: I have the swf and the icon etc, Eat Your CompetitionLLUBlz8KCReiYXbstBIiSv7w3go%3D

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Hello! Can you send it’s files in E-mail or somewhere else please?

Eat your Competition.rar (42.4 KB)


Thank you my dude! This was one of my goals! Thank you! I love it! So appreciate it! :heart:

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Youre welcome, if you can fix please I need the MCO to install, I tried myself creating the MCO but I cant install with the Custom Content Manager, appear an error

I think I cannot help you with creating an MCO file, but can you please upload somewhere all of those winks that you have? One of my friends is asking for it and I think you are a fanatic.

I really lost a lot of winks, one was a red gorilla that was hit on the screen in this pack where was Eat your Competition, I saved also Game Over from this pack KU7VESp0Q8r2FVRIMIm9K2h%20Xmtg%3D Game Over.rar (35.0 KB)

Oh, thank you for this too. Also, that friend who I mentioned that he needed the Eat Your Competition wink is using it as avatar on his Twitch channel, we all love that wink and we call it “Barievő” which means “Sheep Eater” in Hungarian and he was searching for it for 4-5 years, so yeah, thank you again! :heart:

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You’re welcome, I’m glad :slight_smile: also is my favorite wink but I cant use at the moment in MSN 8.5… I hope that with MSN 2009 I can use it again, I tried find it in MCO but is impossible I think but when MSN 2009 it was closed I still had the wink in msn files as dt2 and id2 files

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