Wine Bottling On A Mac

So I used MSN Messenger way back when when I had a Windows. I’ve been a Mac-ey for years and I think this is an excellent idea.
I Wine Bottled it, and I’m at the page but for some reason I can’t type my password or email. Is this a common problem or just me? Is there a fix? Should I forget it? 'Cus I think Wine Bottling it won’t work.


@MichaelPower can you help? you are a mac user

So it can work on a Mac?

well it can but using wine is not such a perfect thing. it will have it’s problems; like this one. for now it’s better to work with emulated windows in an opinion of mine. you can do what you like but there will be problems. i am also on a mac and have not had this problem as i don’t use wine to emulate messenger. this is the reason it’s not suggested to use wine. instead it’s suggested to emulate windows in apps such as parallels or virtualbox. sorry that i’m not much help in getting this fixed with you.


You’ve been a big help. Thanks :smiley:


Hey ! I have a Mac myself and MSN Messenger 7.5 works fine with Wine, you just have to install some winetricks, check this ! Wine Reviews : MSN Messenger 7.5 on Linux with Wine

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It mostly works!

I used Winebottler and installed the winetricks. Not 100% sure if the personal message and profile picture syncs with the server correctly, at first the personal message was empty and the profile picture was one of the default ones instead of what I had in the VM. I think chat works, but I haven’t tried it yet. All the fonts work correctly.


Chat was always the part that didn’t work with WINE in prior attempts, so I am very curious if that has changed.

It appears so!


Excellent work @Nintel :slight_smile:

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