WindowsXPCat's List of Things to Do While Stuck Inside

  • Stay inside and eat spaghetti

  • Talk to someone on Escargot way too late (seriously like at 5AM!)

  • Play on any of these game systems: any playstation, wii, nes, gamecube

  • Listen to any of these bands: Rush, Megadeth, Metallica, The Beatles, Coolio, Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, Yngwie Malmsteen

  • Pretend you don’t eat too frequently

  • Exist, or at least try

  • Don’t go outside, I heard your spaghetti WILL be taken and/or infected, my sources on this one being

  • Make sure to wash your face and hands, plus take a shower. You stink.

  • Log onto WebTV and enjoy the MIDI music

wash your hands frequently and don’t forget the soap. don’t go outside.
and seriously eat your spaghetti. It’ll make you grow big and strong (@)


Well instead of spaghetti I eat noodles, Why? idk

I’m used to that.

I’m more of a desktop guy, sorry.

I want to listen to whatever I want.

I can’t lol


Do you want me to suffocate?


Never heard of that, I bet it’s an US exclusive


Way too hard for me :pensive:

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How dare you insult midi music? do you not actually realize there are good midis with good soundfonts? Just right now I’m listening to the doom 2 soundtrack in the SNES soundfont and it’s very good!


modules are superior

Modules are good, but not that swappable as midi soundfonts.

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when you eat 3 flinstones gummies instead of 2 :joy:

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why the fuck did you ping me

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Not funny didn’t laugh.

because he can’t help the fact your name has megadeth in it and i mentioned the band and he’s also 10.

cause he [pedrox] pings people to try to get them to notice.

source: geekia thread