Windows XP Vmware Sound

I think i need some kind of help lol basically my windows xp startup sound goes very weird like it’s lagging while i have a i5 cpu 8gb ram did i do anything wrong? xD

That’s a VMware bug

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hes rigth that happind to meeee

oh for real? will downgrade maybe work?

nope and if you go TOO FAR more and more options will be removed

Simple VMWare bug.

its a vmware bug, there is an app that fixes it (until the system is restarted) if u want i will tell you on msn messenger how to permanently fix the sound problem

Holy, i never thought there is an application to fix that, thanks by the way! This bug also happens on Windows 2000, is there a similar program that can fix it?
For me, it was pretty obvious it is a bug, i7 with 16GB of ram is enough to run virtual machines.

vmfixaudiotray needs .NET Framework 3.5 though