Windows XP Starter Edition is really reliable

Trying to set the resolution to 1024 X 768 will reboot the machine and you will get this!

This is soo gud :stuck_out_tongue:
This is easier to destroy then deleting system32

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imagine someone who doesnt know anything about computers sets it to 1024x768 :stuck_out_tongue:

  • NTLDR is missing *

how in the world is this possible?

IDK! I just wanted to resize the vm and it rebooted and this happened

did you get the correct drivers?


The most stable OS ever made.

one of the most common reasons that could happen is that your bios settings have been reset to start your device from a non-bootable medium, such as a non-bootable CD. if you are experiencing this problem, you can remove all non-bootable removable media or change it in your bios.


its time for 2000 advanced server:

overall better multicore support
up to 8gb of ram even though it is an 32bit operating system
better memory managing

although, instead of 64mb of ram being fine for it, its usually more hungry and recommends 2gb of disk space and 256mb of ram