Windows XP internet games revival?

Hello I am new here and I want to question if there’s going to be a revival of internet games which was built in Windows XP because I remember when I was very young before I use internet normally I was in school where was computer lab (or something because I don’t know how do I say that from polish) but going back I was with one random friend which no longer walks to my school and we started on the chair Windows XP computer but without internet so we could not access any flash games or something back in the day so we had to find some alternative so I don’t know if this was true or I just missremembering but we played internet games you know that built in Windows XP which no longer works so I want to relive my childhood and play some classic Windows XP internet games like back in the day but it said that from 2019 you no longer can play internet games from Windows XP so I want to know if this is possible also I was trying to post this same thing on Reddit but my account got suspended few times :disappointed: