Windows Vista pack in development

I’m working on a program pack for Windows Vista, what are your suggestions for it?



opera msn messenger aim ymsg!

What’s with these weird application packs? Why can’t people just download the applications themselves?


I don’t know, it was a trend that beginned with Jarhead’s packs, which were advertised on MG and 2003page (later retrosite).

A bit too overrated. You’d mostly see AIM on a XP pack, Y!2 only supports a 2004 version of YMSG, and Opera isn’t even useful for a Vista installation, i’d recommend New Moon (or Mypal). I’d recommend not adding any of the messaging clients.

Anyways, i have a idea for the pack, the Windows Vista Ultimate (Product RED) bonuses, which can be found here on some russian site.

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for people who dont want to hunt down compatible versions for vista

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sure, ill add it

i will do mypal or new moon instead of opera, but i will add msn aim and ymsg

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Do k-meleon, I think it would perform better than a ff fork.

Sorry, but no one knows that thing bob

I do it coz some guys like doesn’t have a update for IE

Some people here know K-Meleon and how would people not knowing a browser be a reason for it not being used?


U should add internet explorer 9 and patch to enable TLS v1.2, so u can visit more websites. See this msfn thread

so heres what ill add
wlm 8.5 prepatched
vista sp2
aim 5.1
ie 9
platform update
steam if i can find a working version on vista
TLS 1.2 patch

  1. Why AIM 5.1? 5.9 works great!
  2. MyPal and chrome? Still don’t see why nobody on this forum will give K-Meleon the light of day.
  3. Who would want to play a game on steam on windows vista?
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runs like shit on newer versions of windows, and on older versions it kept crashing,

because they’re decent browsers, but ill consider it

people who use vista as their main os and want to play games on it

I never wanted a war, I just said that K-Meleon is pretty slow and not optimal


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I’m on phone and Lil bro deleted it