Windows Ugly Sweater

So… i wanted it but i cannot find it on the web… I saw microsoft’s giveaway but… they done it in december :\
Where can i get it? :frowning:
P.S I haven’t a time machine

no where it ended.

You could learn to knit :stuck_out_tongue:
It does seem like there are a number of sites that will accept custom designs too.

Assuming you want the real thing though, i would suggest setting up an eBay saved search that will notify you when someone lists one, as I’m sure they’ll show up eventually.

i wanted to have it, but since my parents think that i got a strange package from deep web, i didn’t
oh well, maybe next time

I have contacted the company of these sweaters… They won’t create that sweater :frowning:

this was a giveout by microsoft that was possible by asking for it (as far as i know) on twitter. (hashtag #WindowsUglySweater), its possible the event has ended (since its January now)

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