Windows NT 4.0 24th Anniversary Build

August 24, 1996.

Windows NT 4.0 was released to the public. to celebrate it, i decided to do an all new, NT 4.0 PC,
the specs will be:
Pentium III, Socket 370, 1GHz
120gb Hard Drive, WD branded.
and a Panasonic Deep Blue Floppy Drive.

The specs will be updated every time i find something.


so huge

I’m pretty sure it’s light compared to my 264gb vriska collection

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Woah,I remember that i have NT 4.0 as a VM.

I can see that work.

What i found is that it turned 25,not 24.

I forgot it became 25th. Well guess i’ll do it for the 30th

Because STUPID me forgot it released in 1996. So i guess see you in 2026 for the 30th anniversary.

Who are you? Are you vrisska?

why you think so

because homester and i are the same

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