Windows Movie Maker XP for Windows 7 (Also works with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10!)

If you hate the Windows Live Movie Maker (like me) you can download the Windows XP Movie Maker, it’s portable, only unzip the file and that’s it!

Download it here!: Windows XP Movie (4,8 MB)

Also, works with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10! so you can use Windows XP Movie Maker on any OS :wink:


My Windows 10 at first denied me to open but apparently it works.



the nostalgia …

Unfortunately i do not get any video in the preview window, it stays black…

Run in conpitability mode Windows XP sp3 or sp2 (try it)

Try to run it in Compatibility mode with Windows XP SP3 :wink:


For anyone who wants, I have some other programs from XP. Here they are:

mspaint.exe (337.5 KB) spider.exe (526.5 KB) winmine.exe (117 KB) (1.3 MB)

They work on windows 10



Sorry to bump this conversation, but can I ask how to make it work on Windows 10 without any preview issues or something that doesn’t require a VirtualBox?

(I have this weird feeling you’d need to use VirtualBox for SP3 compatibility or something?)

Ran compatibility with SP3 xp and i still get this

Yeah, this old thread is kinda useless, newer OSes can’t make the preview show anything on it :confused:

The preview does seem to work, as long you select stuff from the “Collection”, but not from the Timeline…

Taskmgr also says that the OS Context is Windows Vista, could this be the possible reason why there is no preview? I might be saying nonsense…

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please dont necrobump for absolutely no reason :skull:

I Made A tutorial a old youtube look one

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