Windows Messenger on Windows XP RTM/SP1?

Hey everyone! I’m new in here! I need to find a solution on how to connect to the Windows Messenger on Windows XP RTM and SP1 so I can chat with anybody else?
Windows XP RTM came with Messenger 4.0.0155 while Windows XP SP1 came with Messenger 4.7.0041.
Has anybody else know how to connect to Windows Messenger running on both versions 4.0.0155 and 4.7.0041?

All you need to do is download and run this .reg file, restart Messenger and it should be good to go.

One other note however, your account will need ‘Old MSN Support’ enabled. If you didn’t do this when you created your account, ask for a password reset and you can enable the option there.

Yeah! I’ll be trying it as soon as possible!

Yes! It worked for me on Qemu Manager. Here is the proof: