Windows Messenger 4.7 Support

I have created an account,ticked the Old MSN checkbox and applied the registry patch on the homepage. However i get this error.

I ran the troubleshooter on XP and here is the log:

Environment Information:
Windows version 5.1.2600 (Windows XP)
Locale: en-US Program Files x86: C:\Program Files

Client Version Information:
Version 4.7.3001 at C:\Program Files\Messenger
Version 4.7.3001 on Windows XP is not currently supported on Escargot

Patch Status:
Version 4.7.3001 is NOT patched

Ping Test:
Trying to ping Escargot:
Success Success Success Success
Connectivity OK

Escargot Connectivity Test:
Connecting to Escargot MSNP server:
Received VER reply

Connecting to Escargot nexus server (may take some time):
Received DALogin reply

SSL Certificates & Protocols:
Update Root Certificate is currently enabled
Current root certificate package version: 53.0.2195.0

Enabled security protocols:
SSL 3.0 TLS 1.0

Internet Explorer Version Check:
Internet Explorer 8

Flash Player Version Check:
Flash Player for Internet Explorer version

MSN Messenger logging is currently DISABLED

It says that 4.7 on XP is not supported so I tried installing 4.7(using the link on the homepage) on Windows 10 and got the same error.The autopatcher also gets stuck at Backing Up Files. So it seems there is a problem with 4.7 support in general. Any suggestions?

Escargot doesn’t work very well with Windows XP. There are posts on here from a few months ago explaining why it doesn’t work that well. The only versions I have gotten to work on XP are 1.0 and 6.2, I think.

I have installed 7.5 on XP and it’s fully working.

windows Messenger 4.7 are not working with escargot :frowning:

also 7.0

I have MSN 3.6 working on my Windows XP VM very well.

EDIT: Just upgraded to 4.6.0073.


i used windows menssenger 4.7 with no problems some time

BUMP REE. I hate how i can’t post it


Oh yea. My account does not support legacy versions and MSN 5.1 works for me.


MSN 5.1 uses the new auth method and MSN 4.6 and older use the older auth method

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