Windows Messenger 4.7 Support


I have created an account,ticked the Old MSN checkbox and applied the registry patch on the homepage. However i get this error.

I ran the troubleshooter on XP and here is the log:

Environment Information:
Windows version 5.1.2600 (Windows XP)
Locale: en-US Program Files x86: C:\Program Files

Client Version Information:
Version 4.7.3001 at C:\Program Files\Messenger
Version 4.7.3001 on Windows XP is not currently supported on Escargot

Patch Status:
Version 4.7.3001 is NOT patched

Ping Test:
Trying to ping Escargot:
Success Success Success Success
Connectivity OK

Escargot Connectivity Test:
Connecting to Escargot MSNP server:
Received VER reply

Connecting to Escargot nexus server (may take some time):
Received DALogin reply

SSL Certificates & Protocols:
Update Root Certificate is currently enabled
Current root certificate package version: 53.0.2195.0

Enabled security protocols:
SSL 3.0 TLS 1.0

Internet Explorer Version Check:
Internet Explorer 8

Flash Player Version Check:
Flash Player for Internet Explorer version

MSN Messenger logging is currently DISABLED

It says that 4.7 on XP is not supported so I tried installing 4.7(using the link on the homepage) on Windows 10 and got the same error.The autopatcher also gets stuck at Backing Up Files. So it seems there is a problem with 4.7 support in general. Any suggestions?


Escargot doesn’t work very well with Windows XP. There are posts on here from a few months ago explaining why it doesn’t work that well. The only versions I have gotten to work on XP are 1.0 and 6.2, I think.


I have installed 7.5 on XP and it’s fully working.


windows Messenger 4.7 are not working with escargot :frowning:


also 7.0