Windows messenger 4.7 stops working on windows XP

Messenger 4.7 Stopped working on windows xp, Version: Media center edition. The error message is :

“Signing in to .NET Messenger Service failed because the password is incorrect or the sign-in name does not exist. If you have forgotten your password, click Help in the main window, and then click Help topics.”

Meanwhile 5.0 is working.

No no, its patched, its just not working, I patched it using #1 the registry editor, #2 the registry file, and #3 the auto registry patch application.

You have to change msnmgr.exe file to a patched file.
After do this:

and you can login after 5-10 tries.

Still not working, same error.

Follow these stepts and try login… relog… relog… after 10-20 tries it will login