Windows Messenger 4.7 not working on Escargot

i tried to use Windows Messenger 4.7 on the escargot MSN Server but it didn’t work.AND YES I DID PATCH THE REGISTRY

You need to tick “Old MSN support (required to log in to MSN 1/2/3/4). These versions are insecure” option.

If you want to use an MSN 7.5 account, you need to go to reset password, receive the message by email, and when entering the new password, check this option…

i did that. i also started the messenger service in services

Try this:

it didn’t work.even when i uninstalled 7.0

i give up. when i did get it to work it got stuck on backing up file

I’ve got 4.7 to work by modifying a value in the registry.

what value and what did you change it to

Changed it to “”, then it automatically changed to “;”

that got me one step closer

oh yeah, it worked, I made my new account, checked Old MSN Support, then signed up, logged in using 4.7, (or was it 7.5 to change my status?) and that was it.

NVM it didn’t work