Windows messenger 4.7.3001 installer

does anyone have a windows messenger 4.7.3001 installer. not a portable version

I do not know if this one works, but try to see if it works.

that’s 0105

Windows messenger (809.1 KB)

Man! you was dead or something?

yes. i have awoken

I could be proved wrong, but I don’t believe there is such a thing as an official installer post .2009, .3001 is just part of SP3.

Well shoot. :confused:

build 3001 was made in 2004 right? it was part of sp2 :stuck_out_tongue: maybe idk really but i think it was in sp2 xp

SP2 includes 4.7.3000, here is a full list:

RTM = 4.0.0155
SP1 = 4.7.0041
SP2 = 4.7.3000
SP3 = 4.7.3001
x64 = 4.7.3001[1]

Of interesting note, there are at least two versions of 4.5 and six versions of 4.6.

  1. This is an oddball version in that it claims to be the normal 4.7.3001, but is its own special version that was designed to test the 32-bit APIs to access 64-bit resources, and those APIs do not exist in 32-bit XP. ↩︎