Windows Media Player 12 official skins?

Hello! Please know if the official Windows Media Player 12 Windows 7 skins work on WMP 12 for Windows 10? If so, does anyone have the link to download them? As you know, Microsoft removed the links to get them.

Thanks a lot.

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I have had a look but can’t seem to find any skins any more. I will keep looking and report back if I see any.

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Thank you! I was also looking, but to no avail.

use ?

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Worse than not. Can I get there? I’ll take a look.

You are a genius, my friend! I got it from web archive :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Didn’t realize there would be a WMP skin I’d like, thanks for helping me see!

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Thank friend @Cartoon
I downloaded all the skins and they all worked on WMP 12 on Windows 10. :blush:

I assumed Microsoft would have asked to remove everything relating to the past, but how wrong was I.

I would have rather used winamp than wmp12. :smiley:

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I’m testing and skins work better on Windows XP and WMP 11, they get more fluid.

Windows Media Player 11 Unable to apply Downloaded skins
Hi everyone out there,
See for any skin to work in windows media player 11 follow the steps properly:
copy the downloaded skin in %systemdrive%\program files\window media player\skins or .%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\User\Applications Data\Microsoft\Media Player\Skins\006426FA.
After copying right click the downloaded skin and go to its properties and click “Unblock” button.
you job is done.
Try applying it and it will be applied.

Has Microsoft ever made any such requests for :anguished: I hope you never do, there is everything there for the homesick! I liked it very much.

I don’t think they have otherwise if they did it would have been taken down by now.

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i’m glad to help you

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yea, M$ don’t care about that

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