Windows ME and MSN Messenger 2.2

I really want to use MSN Messenger 2.2 on my virtual Windows ME but it says “Logon to MSN Messenger Service failed because the service is not compatible with this version of the program!” If you could please respond, I would greatly appreciate it! I too am a Messenger fan! Plus, I have read how far you have gotten with your revisions and I wanted to see if you could revive this!

Greetings Marko

The older versions like 2.2 (or anything below 4.7) haven’t been able to sign in for the past 10 years or so due some drastic design changes in how Messenger logs in. Many moons ago, an old friend of mine did a proxy project to make older versions like this work again, but ultimately the project was never completed and I’m afraid I don’t have a copy regardless.

The lowest I’ve been able to get MSN Messenger wise is 6.2 (although it doesn’t work 100%) and 7.0 in full working state. Windows Messenger versions (4.7 to 5.1) still work without reviving.

I believe the reason why Windows Messenger will always work is because the server is on your computer. With MSN Messenger, the server is on their site. So they can control MSN Messenger users but not windows messenger users. I’ve noticed that Windows Messenger has it own service while MSN Messenger does not.

My apologies, but you’re talking about two different things.

Windows Messenger (versions 4 and 5) is an instant messaging application that connects to the .NET Messenger network. It is no different than MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger. In fact, early versions of Windows Messenger 4 and MSN Messenger 4 are the same executable file, just appear with different names depending on what version of Windows you run it on. There is no “server” running on your computer.

What you’re thinking of, is the “Messenger” service that was part of Windows versions prior to Windows XP Service Pack 2 and meant for sending quick messages over your local network. You can read the wikipedia article for all the details. For the most part, this local “Messenger” service has been gone since 2004.

This problem would be fixed if i could get my msn server online , but i dont have a specific date to when and where it will be online as it is still in Development.