Windows mail 2006 not sending

hi i always had problems with wm2006 wich never sends, outlook 2007 sends ok, outlook 2003 no, i think its a ssl crap issue because configuration is al correct

  • IMAP:
    – Server:
    – Porta: 993 con SSL

  • SMTP (con SSL) :
    – Server: (selezionando la richiesta di autenticazione)
    Porta: 465 con SSL

Did you use SSL on both IMAP and SMTP? And did you set the correct port for either IMAP or SMTP?

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yes, imap works ok even without ssl but stmp no way, port is correct, ssl on nothing ssl off still nothing, i have this problem also on outlook 2003, outlook 2000

did u try “require authentication”? (or however it’s called)

yes its enabled

maybe the protocol used by this client (mail 2006) is way too old

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i haven’t tried yet with other providers