Windows Live Style for MessengerGeek


It is BETA version Windows Live MessengerGeek theme for Stylish!


i did this too. way back then

however i find yours better.


Why your post was withdrawn?


Give me link please


scroll up


I’m sorry, I did not notice. But my theme contains more changes. I change the buttons, add a frame for user pictures, change the size and color of some elements, and so on.


its fine, take it as yours. But i should note to also credit @Tux




I will made windows live theme for escargot and hotmail skin for outlook


It was very beautiful. Congratulations!


this theme is so cool :smiley:




please do a hotmail skin for outlook


to be honest, idk why he would do, as microsoft added headers and you can put a dark theme on its completly fine.


so can not put a theme in Outlook?


Eu quero dizer, ele pode fazer, mas e meio sem sentido, por que ele faria isso? o outlook suporta headers, tem tema escuro no stylish, ja ta bom.



mas e para ficar com o estilo do antigo hotmail :slight_smile:


Não duvido muito que deve ter um tema pro Outlook desse jeito. Vou dar uma procurada.


esses headers sao tipo os live scenes.