Windows Live Messenger Plus (Windows 10 Compatibility)

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Recently i finally decided to upgrade my computer i went from Windows 7 to Windows 10
so i download Messenger 8.5 but when it comes to install Windows Live Plus it seems there’s a compatibility issue the plus extension is installed but I’m unable to use the plus features there’s
someone that have had this issue and can throw more light to this matter ? thank you in advance community.

There’s no known compatibility problem with the Windows 10, Messenger 8.5 and Plus! combination.

When you say you can’t use the Plus! features, do you mean the Plus! button doesn’t appear in any menus or toolbars? If so, as a first step, you can verify that the loader for Plus! is correct and is where it belongs.

To do that, head over to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Messenger folder, and look for the msimg32.dll file. Right-click on the file, choose Properties, and then go to the Details tab. The msimg32.dll file should identify itself as the “Loader for Messenger Plus! Live”. If the file isn’t there, or belongs to something else, you’ll need to re-install Plus!.

Also, just to check, you are installing Plus! Live, version 4? Earlier versions won’t work with 8.5.