Windows Live Messenger para android/Windows Live Messenger for android

Hola a todos como están quiero saber si Windows Live Messenger para Android osea Messenger WithYou ya está disponible para escargot y compatible con servidores porque me gustaría entrar en el celular y la tablet.
Hello everyone as they are I want to know if Windows Live Messenger for Android osea Messenger WithYou is already available for escargot and compatible with servers because I would like to enter the cell phone and tablet.
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You can use Escargot in your Android device with Mercury Messenger, which can be downloaded in Escargot’s website.


that application that crap because they want me to install that application besides mercury messenger I had installed it before and I did not connect besides I want to know something about the original application bone of the apk that send them could already put the support to me of that application nor mention it as it is very ugly and besides does not connect well I do not connect well what I want is uses the original application not that mercury crap

Escargot does not support and is not interested in patching the original application, as it uses protocols that Escargot does not currently support.

Mercury Messenger is a great app, which I’ve been using since 2017 and I’ve never had a problem - so there’s no need to patch another app. If you are unable to login, remember to select the MSNP15 protocol from the list.

Btw, you can contribute to the project by patching any other MSN Messenger client to Escargot servers. :wink:

that hurts mostly I’m not going to install that mercury crap again better I prefer to use the original app than that crap

If you don’t want to use it, I can’t do anything. :slight_smile:

mostly I hope they patch the original app since I can’t eat with potatoes that mercury app shit, especially I’d like to use it

They CAN’T patch it, because Messenger Play! uses protocols that Escargot doesn’t support. It’s not easy as you think.

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friend I’m saying about the servers so that I can start assignment and comment on chats I don’t mean messenger play you’re talking about a different thing other than the basics so that the contacts I have on the computer messenger appear me in the original application and that you can connector with the server os if it appears connected on the computer also on the cell phone appears connected

Isn’t Messenger Play the original app? Or one of them if that Miyowa one counts (that uses some weird custom gateway if I’m not mistaken).

Also don’t count on Escargot supporting the original apps as aside from the obvious problem of implementing the protocols, those kind of apps that haven’t been updated in over a decade start to have issues on modern Android devices and will eventually be obsoleted. Mercury isn’t the best, but it’s what we could get our hands on, and none of the developers at the time showed any interest in making a new app. Speaking of which, I’ve had the idea for something like that, which supports the full feature set of desktop MSN but is optimized for mobile. Sadly I’m not experienced with that kind of stuff but if the time comes it could be better than the original apps even. :wink:


Yep, it is. I saw a page about it on the Microsoft website captured around 2012-2013 on the Wayback Machine.

then you can’t be sorry above all I refuse to go back install mercury after seeing what the app was like and I didn’t connect anything I thought you could with the original android app as well as they did with the versions of msn messenger and windows live messenger on computer I’ll be sinser a shame

It’s possible, but with the protocol for the Miyowa app being a weird custom gateway protocol we’ve yet to crack, and the Play! one being an OAuth-based XMPP gateway with a bunch of extensions, adding on top of that the age of the apps potentially breaking them on modern Android (I have my suspicions with Messenger Play) neither me or none of the developers have made it a priority to support those. If it isn’t viable in the long run then the most we can do is make a new one from scratch.

Also I’m not forcing you to use Mercury. I personally think it isn’t the best myself, but no need to make 4 threads about how much you want the original app revived if you hate it that much.

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ok above all I have to hope that the original application can at least be placed the escargot support or otherwise they could have been good to wait for another application that does not have the same mercury flaws both from the interface and in the connection