Windows Live Messenger on Vista. WTF?


Hello. I can’t sign in Windows Live Messenger on Windows Vista. But on Windows 10 it works pretty. Why? Help, please.


I don’t think the BETA version of Windows Live Messenger is supported on Escargot or is it?


You need to install ie9 on vista amd enable tls and disable ssl on vista too


This is Windows Live Messenger 8.1, not beta version.




It’s the same issue on XP. Try spamming Enter (once the error shows up) until it logs you in.


Doesn’t work( :frowning:


There are no solutions for this? :frowning:


are you sure you got the patched version?


You need the tls 1.2 update to vista


Yeah, I downloaded it from the Escargot Downloads page.


How can I do it?


ME sing in correct :slight_smile:


Cool :stuck_out_tongue:


I need heeeeeelp.


It’s work for me (running Server 2008) with no problem.
Server 2008 and Vista is almost same, but it’s have server manager and etc…, Doesn’t include Desktop Experience by default.


For me It’s doesn’t work, that Windows Update doesn’t accept TLS 1.2 Server 2008 update on Vista, and yes, I found it from internet.
Edit: fixed.


Also I tried Escargot Troubleshoot. But it says: “all good”.


MAke sure you have SP2 installed


Yes, I have Service Pack 2