Windows Live Messenger JAR?

So I found this .JAR file that I found on mobyWave. Can it work with the Escargot Server? This is the file: (147.7 KB)

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testing it now looks promising but yeah sadly it doesn’t log in

Thanks man.

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We want the mobile version of WLM to work

my aunt has a cell phone with wlm preinstalled, i can try dumping WLM and giving it here so u guys can patch it

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wait jar file? maybe you can try to patch it on the jar file.

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That’s a Jar of Jam?

interested in this, i have a java phone it would be interesting if it works

It would. :slight_smile:

did you try to patch it?

im gonna install the jar and try to patch it

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Best of luck!

well actually not i just downloaded a java emulator from the play store