Windows Live Messenger JAR?

So I found this .JAR file that I found on mobyWave. Can it work with the Escargot Server? This is the file: (147.7 KB)

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testing it now looks promising but yeah sadly it doesn’t log in

Thanks man.

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We want the mobile version of WLM to work

my aunt has a cell phone with wlm preinstalled, i can try dumping WLM and giving it here so u guys can patch it

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wait jar file? maybe you can try to patch it on the jar file.

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That’s a Jar of Jam?

interested in this, i have a java phone it would be interesting if it works

It would. :slight_smile:

did you try to patch it?

im gonna install the jar and try to patch it

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Best of luck!

well actually not i just downloaded a java emulator from the play store

I have a BlackBerry with WLM installed, could that help? Its the latest version of it supported on BBOS 7

I Wonder if possible this would replace mercury that would be a great option

If you can dump it,let us know. Was considering either WinMo 6.5 or Blackberry for a retro device

If anyone is good with Java and knows how Escargot works, they could use a Java decompiler to see the source code and then modify it I suppose.

Unfortunately that person is not me, but I can get to the source code though if anyone’s interested

Im learning LibXenon to code for Xbox 360 (im gonna jailbreak mine amd make a few emulators)

I did start learning Java a long time ago but im prob gonna continue

Upd: I did it a long time ago but forgot this even existed

Read my previous thread, when i’m done with my LibXenon projects im gonna continue learning Java and try to do it

It would be really cool to have this msn version working on the escargot server :slight_smile: someday