Windows Live Messenger in 2020 (CONCEPT!)

I made a concept about MSN in 2020, If microsoft release MSN again, it probaly be in iOS and Android phones and PC, so i decided to make a “home screen concept”, Take a look:
MSN 2020 Concept
Note: the light green profile pic (James) means that the user is online, and the gray profile pics (Kyle and Paula) means that the user is offline

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This just looks like a lame concept made in Paint in under 10 minutes.

I made with inkscape, but i’m not good at this :joy: :joy: :joy:

Inkscape is a vector editing program, and the image you uploaded is a raster image.

oh, ok then

Taking into account that right now the websites and programs tend to have a simple and incomplete interface, it would probably be Microsoft Msn 2020, I’m sure the performance would probably be worse and higher consumption


low effort

I think what my fellow critics above are saying is that they’re expecting much more. Any concept needs to bring forward something new and interesting. You can do this both visually and in words. The more imaginative and different, the better it is.

I’ll give you an example of this with a recent Mercedes car concept (and a cool video to see):

or we expected the cyber truck to be better, but it looked like a CGI test

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Yep its looks like Microsoft did a lazy effort doing MSN again