Windows live messenger.. for phones

i ws wondering, there was a official windows live messenger app for phones?

i like mercury but looks ugly tbh

Theres no alternative I think

There are a few for different platforms, but all have reasons for not being implemented yet.

Believe it or not, there actually was an official Messenger app for Android named Messenger Play. However, it uses the OAuth-based and super basic XMPP endpoint of the Messenger server, which me or none of the devs have any interest in implementing at the moment. As for the iOS version, there’s still an issue of decrypting the binary and how notifications work on iOS (however I wouldn’t be surprised if it used the XMPP endpoint, too).

There is a version of MSN for Windows CE/Pocket PC, and while Pocket PC doesn’t count as a mobile platform, it’s still a portable platform, so I believe it still counts here. This version of Messenger has existed since the early 2000s, so implementation could be possible. Unfortunately, the earlier versions I can assume used MD5 login, which makes accessibility a bit limited, and later versions authenticated over HTTPS, which would bring up the same issues as logging onto MSN 5.0+ normally on XP or older. A version that’s part of the Pocket MSN service for Pocket PC also existed, but that seems to use a different port for communication and not worth our time to investigate right now. BlackBerry also got its own Messenger application, but I speculate that it also uses a gateway with basic features only, and it was released before BlackBerry switched over to Android for its OS, so you’d have to locate an old BlackBerry device to get it working.

In short, different versions of Messenger existed for different platforms, but a tiny few support the actual Messenger protocol. The ones that do either use insecure login or can’t authenticate securely with Escargot’s servers yet, and the ones that don’t are super basic and not of our interest.

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