Windows Live Messenger For iOS

We have Versions 1.2.1;1.2.3;1.0.1

Files required to be patched:
Focus on 1.0.1 cuz i think its based on WLM 2009

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sadly i cant test that because i dont have a jailbroken iphone however… someone tests with a jailbroken iphone and says that it works, then hey! maybe this is the first (and only as of now) a working msn client for iphones

i had a jailbroken iPad a year ago, i fucked it up and now it’s on 9.3.5 (which has the shittiest buggiest jailbreak tools out there so I’m not gonna bother with that anymore)

use altstore

i dont have any iPhone

so buy it lol what’s the problem

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  1. they are too expensive
  2. i dont have a credit card


So you’re most likely broke, i see

no. i’m just 13

Ohh, gogogaga

Jk lol good


If you did have a credit/debit card, get a old iPod Touch. They are EXACTLY like a iPhone, but without the Phone parts and has a smaller form factor. They even still have the Home button.

i have an iPhone i just need someone to edit GlobalSettings.plist and his INT brother and we can get WLM 1.0.1 to be functional without push notification.

Windows live essentials

bruh NO