Windows Live Messenger 8.5 don't working in Windows 8.1


Hi, I have a problem with WLM 8.5
When I installed Windows 8.1 on an external hard drive I put some things (Google Chrome, Updates, Activation) and installed Windows Live Messenger 8.5 …
But when I log in I get the following error:

Edit: On Windows 7 works perfectly.


Hm… This is the same error that happens in Windows XP. In XP this happens because Internet Explorer lacks SNI… Now the reason why this happens in 8.1 is strange.


Any solutions?


In Windows XP it is incorrigible. Already in Windows 8.1 I can not say…


did you try put on the compampility tab to Windows XP and admin?


Same issue here. It might be an issue with some COM DLLs not being properly registered?

I know that WLM14 will NOT work unless you install the sign-in assistant.


I dont know, i have a Windows To Go Windows 8.1 and recently i updated to W8.1 Update…




I just installed Windows 8.1 pro to see how the WLM versions behaved. For me it works correctly both WLM8.1 and 8.5.


Im gonna doqngrade to WLM 8.1


I installed WLM 8.1, and works perfectly :smiley:


If you don’t understand what I wrote, you’re not my target audience. :slight_smile:


Just to find out, you installed WLM 8.5 by what method: the normal (by the installer made available on the Escargot site) or the other (which is replacing the WLM 8.1 files with the 8.5 ones)?



And i have the same error in Windows 7


it works for me…


Nevermind all, i need to install first the 8.1 version, and install 8.5


8.5 Directly: NO
Install 8.1 first an Upgrade to 8.5: YES