Windows Live Messenger 8.0

Hello I was wondering when wlm 8.0 will be added?

if he brings back 8.0 i grew up with 8.0 :slight_smile: btw my MSN is

That doesn’t appear to have been an issue in my testing, but I’ve been redirecting the original domains to my servers, it may or may not require patching for Escargot, I haven’t looked into whether the Sign-In Assistant requires connections anywhere. I’m guessing it’s not critical though.

This blog post (!AEE1BB0D86E23AAC!222.entry) suggests it’s basically just for storing multiple credentials.

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hmm, that’s something that should be looked into more. maybe it does have some connection to 8.0. not critically I suppose. back then I had some issues signing in and I installed it which helped me sign in messenger not from internet explorer but directly though messenger.
that’s probably due to it’s surveillance of not sure at this moment though.

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