Windows Live Messenger 2017

WLM is back with metro
I want trekie Agree Now
Bulit with Visual studio 2017

What? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
This very good :smiley:


Not to stop

is a Messenger Program who revive windows Live messenger
Will be bulit With Visual studio 2017
In windows vista and 7 will be Aero

Do you realize that your programming skills are 0,0001% of Valtron’s? He knows anything and everything about the MSN protocol, about how it works, etc. Making WLM 2009 or creating by scratch WLM 2017 won’t take literally 5 goddamn minutes.

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yeah I will make it

You have to learn C++ language i think :smiley:

No you won’t. Creating an app from scratch doesn’t take 5 minutes or less, it needs effort, needs to know how things work. How the MSNP protocol works and try to set it up for escargot if you for example want the WLM 2009’s protocol to work(MSNP18 iirc). it isn’t simple as you really think. Leave everything to Valtron cause he really knows everything about MSNP and has knowledge about how it works. Wait until he comes back from his vacation or whatever situation he’s on. Not to mention that you’re basically a young lad.

yeah but will be not a app you know


I have c++

c++ isnt a program jesus christ


leo go infect other crap your not welcome here

im welcome!

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