Windows Live Messenger 2012 Sounds [Download, WMA 9.2]

I love the Windows Live Messenger sounds and searched for ages to find where they were stored.
I came across a forum post that said that they were in %LocalAppData\Local\Microsoft\Messenger\[Email Address]\ObjectStore\SignatureSounds, albeit ‘encrypted’ with strange filenames such as 3mU0S4MY1E35XTrPBAsexI4mPZw=.dt2.
On closer inspection, however, these were actually just plain WMA files! (Windows Media Audio 9.2, 64 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo 1-pass CBR)
I copied them out and listened to them all, renaming them appropriately based on the sound names displayed iin WLM2012’s options dialog.
The forum won’t let me upload the ZIP as an attachment, so here’s a link on MEGA

Best wishes,
Josh Kelly (WLM: / Skype: joshkelly27)