Windows Live Messenger 2012 on WIndows 10 Pro RTM (build 10240)


Hey all.i just download and instal wlm 2012 on the rtm (final) version of the windows 10 pro. its works great. :smile:framework 4 is pre installed so the installation is fast now. the also bug that exists is that you still can’t log in with another e-mail account expect from the account that you sing in in the installation process of windows setup.i hope jonathan find a solution of that.

UPDATE: now with the NEW version of Reviver 2 (2.4.4),jonathan fix the problem 8004882a error,also you can now log in without install the photo gallery.

Butterfly Messenger - msnp21

hi.welcome on the forum :).i didnt use the local account .i log in from my hotmail account on windows.also,i didnt instal the photo gallery,and messenger singed in without any problem.


you must be doing something else. i installed 2012 from Reviver 2 and i log in without any problem. i did not install photo gallery.


I can confirm Tseki’s problem as I had the same thing happen to me, Just logged into Photo Gallery and Messenger works great now. Was thinking for a while that WLM was dead on Windows 10 10240 but I can see it’s not.


buddies you’re right.just check now and it seems it does not work without photo gallery.

its strange however that it logs in only the first time on messenger without photo gallery and after you restart windows 10,its doesn’t logs in. maybe jonathan explain?


Reviving with 2.4.4 should solve the issue, at least on 10240.


thank you jonathan :smile: