Windows Live Messenger 2012, 5th Anniversary [ August 5, 2012 ~ August 5, 2017]


5 years ago Microsoft released Windows Essentials 2012 including Windows Live Messenger 2012 [WLM 16.0]the most secure version of the client.
Messenger Reviver 2 supported this version for almost 4 years (April 2013 ~ May 2017)

Looking forward to Escargot to support MSNP21 so we can login again to 2012 version client

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my birthday (as well as WLM 2012's)

Good ol days :slight_smile:


The 2012 version was the one I used the most. :slight_smile:


Another proof, that management lost their senses. And there were not any sign of abandon/close the MSN Messenger program.
Microsoft came up with a new version of WLM, they designed Windows 8 Messaging app (Skype nowhere! Skype wasn’t part of the operating system concept back then. Since Messaging was a very early metro app, it obviously lacked a lot of features compared to the desktop application, but I can imagine they would implement all of MSN features later by the original plan. again Skype did not show up anywhere!) and then suddenly half year later they shut down (I mean officially) the entire MSN Messenger and tried to force users into Skype.

I will never understand this illogical and sudden decision.


We will never understand corporations and companies sadly.


True, if they want to focus on Skype, focus but continue giving support and updates to MSN. Thousands of MSN windows were opened daily, I do not know why they discontinued MSN.


Vous nous faite toujours rêver sans résultat et pourtant on m’a bien dit que Microsoft a fermé tout les serveurs pour Windows Live messenger alors joyeux anniversaire à Microsoft et pour Noël j’espère que ce cadeau arrivera je n’y croie plus

Bonne soiré


my birthday is on august 5