Windows live messenger 2012/2011/2010 emoticons

For anyone who wants WLM 2012/15 emoticions here :
windows_live_emoticons_2010_by_mxiamxia.rar (158.1 KB)

All the credits goes to this guy, check out his Devian Art Page

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I think you should credit the original source, considering the file name. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are right

Thank you ! How can i replace the original ones by this new ones ?

You don’t. You open a chat, click on the :slight_smile:icon, then click “Show all”, then Create. Select the .png you want to add, double click it, then give it a shortcut that you can type in chat, then finally name it and click “OK”.
TL;DR you add the .png files as custom emoticons. It works for .ico files if u change the file extension to .png