Windows Live Messenger 2011,2012

Windows Live Messger 2011 and 2012 running on escargot?

Support for WLM 2009 is not even out yet. And you are asking if WLM 2011/12 can connect to a local server.

sorry i’m just a beginner:stuck_out_tongue:

We’re currently planning to set everything up for WLM 2009 support before we work on supporting 2011 and 2012. Also no, the current development build doesn’t support anything beyond WLM 2009 right now.


The Escargot website shows which versions are supported and which aren’t.
Why would WLM 2011/2012 be unlisted on the downloads page if it’s out?

It’s out? :smile:

Uh… no. If you’re talking about @icanttellyou, though, then he just likes to say things to look smart or ward people off. Don’t mind him. :stuck_out_tongue: