Windows Live Mail works on new server (no calendar so sorry)


2011 won’t run on xp


(for windows XP/Vista)


oh never, mind, i thought it was vista/xp, not just the one.


it doesn’t work


the files never download and than i get disconnected


and now it doesn’t open


NVM i got it to open


Ho thank you ! I use Windows Live Mail with Wlm 8.5 now :smiley:


it say it will update msn im afraid where i can find a direct isntall for Mail?


there isn’t one. you will just have to reinstall msn messenger/wlm


i need the French version of this file : maillang.dll as you see on the picture.


Here you go :slight_smile:


Ohhhh :open_mouth: :smiley: Man thank you very much


it works very fine ! Thank you again my friend


Worked on Windows Live Mail 2009!
Edit: Worked on Outlook Express and WLMail 2008 :smiley:


calendar Works in Windows live mail 2009


Well, what it means is that the calendar works, but it will not synchronize or anything
Same with contacts.
If you have 12 contacts (for sample)
None will appear


Does it still work?


Why the fuck did you bump Nintendo fanboy???


Why not? I genuinely am interested.