Windows Essentials doesnt install correctly

Tried to install it with the OFFLINE installer. doesnt work. Because the installer pretends there is a software running. WHICH SOFTWARE IS THAT

i tried the 2009 version. still doesnt work.

how can i fix this.

(P.S: Its for Movie Maker. Not Windows Live Messenger)

close every program that isn’t it via task manager.

I dont understand. So youre saying to me that i shold close every single problem that is not “it”.


What do you seriously mean by just “yes”

If you want to properly figure this out, you’ll need to post the actual error messages, any error codes, and preferably some screenshots.

If you just want to try installing manually, bypassing the setup program, see my old article:

Scroll down to the Windows Live Movie Maker section and download/run the MSIs to install all the components. Installing it manually won’t touch the current versions of Escargot-patched Messenger versions.

What about Wave 4 (or 5 i dont know)

I’m afraid I never made an article for the newer versions, as they’re significantly more complex to manual install and it’s not worth the pain and suffering to have a 2011/2012 install in that state.