Windows Essentials 2012 End Of Life on January 10, 2017


Microsoft has announced that support for Windows Essentials 2012 will end on January 10, 2017. According to the FAQ (first question), the download file will no longer be available after that date.

I would advice to you keep of a copy of the offline installer so that you can reinstall Essentials after that date. This is the download link for the English offline installer:

For other languages, substitute ‘en’ with your language code.


msn reviver va disparaitre??


Thanks you so much i download the french version an english :slight_smile:


c quoi je viens de le telecharger


This is the link to the French version:


they end support of life due the ''Six of the seven Windows Essentials apps have been directly or indirectly succeeded, as Microsoft notes on a support page.

Windows Live Messenger has been replaced by Skype, which has been downloadable since 2003 and now comes preinstalled in Windows.
Windows Live Mail has been replaced by the built-in Mail, Calendar, and People, which do not currently contain all of Live Mail’s functionality.
Photo Gallery has been succeeded by the built-in Photos, which does not currently contain all of Photo Gallery’s functionality.
Windows Live Writer was forked and opensourced as Open Live Writer.
OneDrive is now integrated into Windows. In addition, there is a UWP version of OneDrive available from the Windows Store.[26]
Family Safety is now integrated into Windows.
Movie Maker has not been succeeded. It is still only available for installation alongside Photo Gallery in Windows Essentials 2012, but Microsoft promised it will “soon” be available from the Windows Store for Windows 10 users, presumably before the 2012 edition expires on January 10, 2017. [27]’’’

so sad…end of an era… :frowning:




the end is near??:open_mouth:


But will we be able to continue using the messenger downloading the offline installer?


i asked jonathan and he told me that he has all the offline installers of windows essentials 2012, so if microsoft dropp the links im sure he will find a new method of providing the links


Hi, here are the Windows Live Messenger 2012 installers offline. Extract the ZIP file into a folder and install the files one by one. Then open the Reviver and apply patch to an existing installation.!AvPhs61mi909lRpJhxTYfX7_kRFr


My messenger stopped appearing to accept contacts. I tried to use Butterfly to accept, but then the contacts do not appear to me. It seems like more things are being turned off soon.


add me via butterfly to test it together if you like.