Windows 98se has a secret oobe

Now, you’ve heard of oobe or Out Of Box Experience but did you know that before xp or even ME (aka shit) 98se had a oobe. but its hidden unless if you use this command:


and i have a proof that this oobe is real


Um, sorry If I had depressed you a bit by me saying this, but I knew this trick a very loooong time ago from a video, but still, it’s a nice one.

Can agree with you on this. It’s UI makes me think I am using 2000 somehow.

eh dont worry its my first time seeing it

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oh, why was it hidden… anyway we never find answer anymore

It was only intended for OEM installs of Windows 98.

but why?

Probably they install unattended installs without any user settings, so the oobe has to set it all up.


Before running MSOOBE /F, you should make sure you deleted “Setup MSN Internet Access” from the desktop.
Otherwise, MSOOBE /F will run the MSN Internet Access Setup instead.