Windows 98 programs

Could you give me some cool Windows 98 programs?

Office 97, Plus! 98, Opera 10 (if it does install), 7zip,

and I run out of ideas :slight_smile:

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k-meleon for a browser, winamp 5.35, k8vavoom for a doom sourceport, office xp, more on this list

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Internet Explorer 6, Windows Media Player 9 and Windows Messenger 4.6 :stuck_out_tongue:

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banned from yandere’s discord

I just install win98, you could install Outlook Express 6, MSN 1.0, Win RAR 2.0, PC Fútbol 7, Age of Empires…

I need a favor, someone could check my MSN account ( sending a message.

4.7 works fine, why just 1.0

Now have changed to 4.6