Windows 95 flag animated cursors for modern Windows

I made these quickly for something different, “Busy” and “Working in background” cursors based on the classic Windows 95 flag cursor.

Working In Background
and @ higher res too:

Just run main.cpl in Windows, choose the Pointers tab and set them up:
rundll32_2019-09-07_14-38-21 (7.9 KB)

Inspired by @Floobby sending the original flag cursor :stuck_out_tongue:


Favorite :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember finding the flag cursor inside of a .VHD of a Windows Chicago build.

Back to the future time :stuck_out_tongue:

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By The Way, will there be any XP version from Explorer’s icon? ;p

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that’s a blue drop shadow, wut

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i’ll be using this as my profile icon when wlm 2009 comes out

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You are very observant :stuck_out_tongue:
The custom shadow is made with Stardock’s ShadowFX, which is probably one of the better Stardock utilities.