Windows 7 memory issue

Hey, everyone out there. I know this topic doesn’t involve MSN Messenger / WLM, Butterfly Messenger, the Escargot server, etc.

I’m having an issue with my 64-bit Windows 7 in my laptop. :computer: :worried: I’ve been facing a low memory warning several times. I’ve also been facing some slowdowns. Generally, while my Internet Explorer is open, the warning comes up after 5 or 6 days. After that, I’m forced to close my Internet Explorer and then some other programs I kept open for over 5 days. If too much memory is wasted, the system’s session is at risk of a BSOD. I’ve tried several things ( changing the virtual memory settings, using my Spyhunter 4, using Readyboost, closing svchost.exe with my task manager, etc. ), but none of them stop or even reduce the issue. :disappointed: I looked up several vids involving the issue or issues like it and the vids show me the same method: changing the virtual memory settings, but trying this method got me nowhere. :worried: :disappointed: I don’t know if I’m wasting virtual memory, facing a memory leak, facing a virus, destroyed something important for the system or if I’m abusing the system. :confused: I don’t even know what’s really causing the memory issue. So far, it’s looking unstoppable for me. :worried: If it is, the only way left to stop the issue I can think of is to delete the system! :cry:

Why am I facing this warning and what did I do wrong? If any of you have faced the exact issue, can somebody help me or explain what’s happening to my Windows 7?

I see machines with this from time to time, including my own (albeit usually with beta software). Although trying some of the solutions you mentioned could be helpful in some situations, it’s best to identify the cause and then you can know where to focus your efforts. For best results, I would recommend you reset any Virtual Memory settings back to the Windows default - Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. There is no reason to tweak pagefile settings on a normal modern PC with normal non-server workloads.

As the cause is unknown, I’m going to suspect it’s likely a process leaking memory and Windows is paging it to disk until it runs out of space. To see if this is the case, open the Task Manager, choose the View menu and then Select Columns. Select the checkbox next to Memory - Commit Size and chose OK. This value is the amount of memory that’s been committed to the pagefile (ie. virtual memory).

Then, assuming you have UAC on, click the ‘Show processes from all users’ button, and finally click the newly added Commit Size column to sort by the highest size. You should be looking at something like this:

In the above image, the highlighted svchost Windows services process has dumped ~475MB to the page file. That’s relatively normal as I believe Windows Update is checking updates as I took the screenshot. Generally when you see processes getting into the GB ranges that you can consider something is amiss, although do note some of the Adobe products (ie. Photoshop, Premiere, etc.) do tend to get quite high.

I would leave the Task Manager running minimized and consult it every so often to see what’s happening as well as opening it up when you start getting memory warnings again. Also, it would be helpful to note the values under the Performance tab’s various headings: Physical Memory, Kernel Memory and System, will also be helpful in pointing in the right direction when your out of memory errors occur.

You might also find some information about past memory conditions in the System or Application Event Log (run the Event Viewer if you’re not familiar).

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Thanx, man. :slight_smile: Has anyone else faced the exact issue?

you have sp1 installed?

If U mean on my Windows 7, yeah I guess.

go on computer ->system properties and check if it says SP1

Yeah, I’ve got SP1.

the only thing i can think of is to upgrade your ram

True, man. I’ll try that later.

I tried doing anything on the virtual memory settings window ( the window after you do the following: Right clicking on " Computer ", --> " Properties " --> " Advanced system settings " --> " Advanced " tab --> " Settings " on the " Performance " section --> " Advanced " tab --> " Change " ) already and it got me nowhere to fixing the memory issue. :frowning:

If you mean this, then I tried and it got me nowhere.

no. i said you should open up your computer and upgrade your ram

Oh, my bad. :sweat_smile: Gotcha! :thumbsup:

i am having problems too. ol’ reliable became ol’ corrupt

True, man. :smile: