Windows 7 is now 9!


Years pass by and it still one of the most used :stuck_out_tongue:




give me a break


this is not a shitpost , this is a post to comemore windows 7 birthday




stop shitposting




stop gnitsoptihs




Windows 7 will die at 11 :stuck_out_tongue:


Windows 10 exceeded 7 :stuck_out_tongue:


W H Y Y O U A R E P O S T I N G A P O R T U G U E S E L I N K T O E N G L I S H P E O P L E S E e ?


In the site have a link to original source (English), but if you are lazy:


boy , iam too lazy to open the start menu with the mouse






its a service , it wont die it will just end support and it has way more features than xp so thats a plus


now we have to wait 2 years until extended support is fucked and windows 7 falls into obscurity with its other brothers :neutral_face:


I love windows 7 :frowning:


Why do you start talking about xp on a windows 7 thread :expressionless: