Windows 7 And msn

Does msn messenger work on windows 7



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Which version

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Uh I just wanna say I want msn messenger that’s windows live messenger

oh , all versions of msn messenger works

Thank you also you still use windows 7 I bought a laptop and it has windows 7 on it

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iam using windows 7 enterprise ( in a w8.1 lappy :stuck_out_tongue: )

Mine came with professional and I am not sure if I should change it to like home premium

professional is better in my opinion

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Ah Ok :stuck_out_tongue:

The true reason Windows has been so successful for so long is their #1 rule: they don’t break compatibility with software, and they go through a ton of effort to maintain it.

There’s few (none?) operating systems in the world where you can take an unmodified program from 20+ years ago and expect it to work on the modern version. That’s why business likes it, that’s why gamers like it, and that’s why it has no competition on the desktop.

Here’s a little bonus, the Compatibility tab options you can select go far beyond what’s listed. There’s an entire toolkit with hundreds of other compatibility fixes you can apply to make things work the way they used to, and yes, MSN Messenger is included in the software list of fixes:


… just WOW

It works finely for me on Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64bits but without Service pack 1 installed

I suggest you to keep your Professionnal version :slight_smile: :wink:

M? What?